peter capaldi doctor who dalek season 8 'Doctor Who' Season 8: Will Peter Capaldi fight the Daleks?

The Daleks almost became a constant toward the end of Matt Smith’s run on “Doctor Who.” They were there for the 50th anniversary special and were one of the chief adversaries in “The Time of the Doctor.” While you might think the BBC would let them cool for a while before they come back, that may not be the case.
According to a new report, the Daleks will be back in Season 8, specifically because it was requested by new Doctor Peter Capaldi. The Daily Star says Capaldi asked producers to include the evil pepper shakers because he’s been a fan since childhood. Not wanting to let a Doctor down, they report that producers agreed.
It’s already been revealed, via fan photos from the set, that Strax and Vastra will be back for the Season 8 premiere. What classic “Who” aliens would you like to see return with Capaldi at the helm?