mark gatiss peter capaldi doctor who gi 'Doctor Who': 'Sherlock's' Mark Gatiss says Peter Capaldi 'has madness in his eyes'

There’s at least one more person on Team Peter Capaldi when it comes to “Doctor Who” Season 8. Mark Gatiss, a co-showrunner on “Sherlock” with Steven Moffat who is also writing a couple Capaldi episodes of “Doctor Who,” has high hopes for the actor.
Speaking to the press at the BAFTA Television Awards 2014 (via Digital Spy), he says, “He’s a wonderful man and one of our best character actors. I knew immediately — from watching other things — there was going to be a certain level of twinkly Scottish intensity to him.”
Elaborating a bit, Gatiss adds, “There’s madness in his eyes! He’s just an amazing dramatic actor and a very funny actor — which is exactly what you want for the Doctor.” A little madness is a prerequisite for playing the Doctor, so Gatiss’ claim is definitely a good thing.
“Doctor Who” Season 8 premieres later in the year.