don cheadle emmy fame house of lies gi Don Cheadle on 'Fame': Would you give this man an Emmy?

As we count down to the 2014 Emmy Awards, Zap2it is taking a closer look at each of the lead acting nominees for comedy and drama — and judging them not by their best work, but by some of the more dubious credits on their IMDB pages. So we ask you: Based on what you’re about to see, would you give this person an Emmy?
Award nominations are nothing new for Don Cheadle. His career in movies and TV, from “The Rat Pack” to “Hotel Rwanda” to “Crash,” has earned him no end of critical acclaim. He returns to the 2014 Emmy Awards with his third nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for “House of Lies,” and after the season that show had it might be his best chance yet.
Still, every actor has those earlier roles that may not represent their best work. For Cheadle, that’s likely his two-episode appearance on “Fame,” the series based on the 1980 movie about students at a performing arts high school. Cheadle plays Henry Lee, a man who wants nothing more than to dance his way to fame.

Say what you will about the show, those are some great moves Cheadle shows off during what you can see of his performance.