Though Kristen Bell has found success in the acting world for quite a while, with the runaway hit “Frozen” under her belt, she’s flying higher than every before. Luckily, she’s got “House of Lies” co-star Don Cheadle to clip her wings and keep her grounded when things get out of control.
During an appearance on “Conan,” Cheadle joked about Bell’s new attitude. “She’ll show up in the morning and be like, ‘Oh, did anyone see the numbers this weekend? Oh, we were number one again?’,” he says with a high-pitched voice. “I’m like, ‘Yeah. Like you’re the only one who’s been in a number one movie. Get in line, fatty.'”
According to Cheadle, that’s Bell’s nickname around the set. “She loves it,” he jokes. “In her soul, she’s a fatty.” Truthfully, the cast and crew of the show all get along really well. “Where else could you call your lead actress fatty all day long and she loves it?” he asks. Besides, it’s not like she has a choice. Cheadle says she has to love the name “or I’ll fire her a**.”
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