drake bell bankruptcy gi 'Drake and Josh' star Drake Bell files for bankruptcy?

In what Justin Bieber fans will classify as a win, former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell is out of money, according to a report.
TMZ says Bell has filed documents to declare bankruptcy, though they have yet to produce them. In the documents, Bell claims he’s got $581,000 in debt, including owing $1.597 million on his $1.575 million home.
The former “Drake and Josh” star seemingly denies TMZ’s report that he’s broke, though. In a tweet, Bell writes, “Sweet! Finally TMZ has printed false statements about me!! Hahaha.”
The actor and musician most recently made headlines for being very open about his disdain for Bieber. He called the Canadian pop star out after cops raided his house and publicly supported a petition to have him deported from the United States.