urx unit loader DVR ratings: 'New Girl,' 'Terra Nova' lead the season's new shows
new girl cece crashes DVR ratings: 'New Girl,' 'Terra Nova' lead the season's new showsNielsen’s DVR ratings usually follow this pattern: If a scripted show draws strong ratings on the night it airs, it tends to do pretty well in delayed viewing too.

That’s holding true this season for veteran shows — “Modern Family” and “Two and a Half Men” add the most viewers on average and are two of the Top 3 gainers in adults 18-49 (along with “Grey’s Anatomy”). Among new series so far this season, however, the results are a little bit more mixed.

Several of the most-watched freshman shows — “Person of Interest,” “New Girl,” “Once Upon a Time” and “2 Broke Girls,” for instance — are all among the 10 biggest gainers for new shows in Nielsen’s Live +7 ratings (through Nov. 20, the latest week available). But less-watched shows like “Pan Am” and “Prime Suspect” are also doing healthy DVR business, each adding close to 2 million viewers per episode.

Middle-of-the-pack series like “Revenge,” “Terra Nova” and “Grimm” are also getting pretty healthy gains via delayed viewing. “Terra Nova,” in fact, is second among new shows in both viewers and adults 18-49 ratings gains.

We should note that the DVR numbers for a show like “Pan Am” won’t necessarily help when it comes time to make renewal decisions in the spring. The same-day ratings for a show tend to track more closely with the “C+3” ratings that are a key tool in setting ad rates. But in terms of the total audience watching each new episode of “Pan Am” and “Prime Suspect,” the picture isn’t quite as bleak.

Here are the Top 10 new series of the season in Live +7 ratings through Nov. 20, along with their overall Live +7 ranking:

Total viewers

1. “New Girl,” +2,776,000 (8,224,000 to 11,000,000); 14th overall
2. “Terra Nova,” +2,677,000 (7,977,000 to 10,654,000); 17th
3. “Person of Interest,” +2,670,000 (12,114,000 to 14,784,000); 18th
4. “Unforgettable,” +2,545,000 (11,934,000 to 14,479,000); 20th
5. “Once Upon a Time,” +2,518,000 (11,869,000 to 14,387,000); 21st
6. “Revenge,” +2,488,000 (8,407,000 to 10,895,000); 22nd
7. “Grimm,” +2,164,000 (5,800,000 to 7,964,000); 26th
8. “2 Broke Girls,” +2,071,000 (12,205,000 to 14,276,000); 28th
9. “Pan Am,” +1,921,000 (6,624,000 to 8,545,000); 32nd
10. “Prime Suspect,” +1,887,000 (4,891,000 to 6,778,000); 33rd

Adults 18-49

1. “New Girl,” +1.4 (5.0 to 6.4); tied for third overall
2. “Terra Nova,” +1.2 (2.7 to 3.9); t-10th
3. “Once Upon a Time,” +1.1 (3.9 to 5.0); t-12th
4. “2 Broke Girls,” +1.0 (4.8 to 5.8); t-18th
t4. “Revenge,” +1.0 (2.7 to 3.7); t-18th
t4. “Grimm,” +1.0 (1.8 to 2.8); t-18th
7. “Person of Interest,” +0.9 (2.7 to 3.6); t-22nd
t7. “Up All Night,” +0.9 (2.1 to 3.0); t-22nd
9. “Pan Am,” +0.8 (2.1 to 2.9); t-29th
10. “Last Man Standing,” +0.7 (3.0 to 3.7); t-34th