marilyn manson eastbound and down 'Eastbound and Down': Marilyn Manson ditches makeup for cameo   Pic

As “Eastbound and Down” rolls through its final season, it’s getting some fun guest appearances. Ken Marino joined the cast as another former baseball player, Lindsay Lohan will appear in the finale, but one of the more peculiar additions is Marilyn Manson.
The shock rocker is evidently a big fan of the show and has ditched his makeup for the role. He’s even got a wig on, giving him much lighter hair. In the photo above, Manson is practically unrecognizable.
It’ll be interesting to see exactly what his role on the show is, though it looks like he’ll be interacting with Stevie (Steve Little) at the very least. “Eastbound and Down” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.