urx unit loader Elton John preps for 'Saturday Night Live' double duty with Benny Hill promo

Elton John makes his first “Saturday Night Live” appearance since 1982 (say what?) on the April 2 episode, when he’ll serve as both the host and the musical guest.

And in addition to the untimely plugs for “Gnomeo & Juliet” he no doubt has in store, the first promo promises that we can expect things to get very, very British.

When Jason Sudeikis steals a pair of Elton’s signature shades — after calling him a “bitch,” mind you — a Benny Hill-esque chase ensues, complete with frantic music. 

There’s only one problem. What bootlegged rip-off of the Benny Hill theme is this? Last time we checked, it wasn’t terribly difficult to secure 15 seconds worth of “Yakety Sax.”