eminem snl lip syncing Eminem says no lip syncing on 'Saturday Night Live', but he did have help

Some have raised the question of whether or not Eminem lip-synced his way through “Saturday Night Live,” when he performed two songs. The rapper’s vocals were noticeably quiet throughout both of the songs he performed, and many thought it looked like he wasn’t actually rapping.
Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, says that isn’t the case, though. A rep for Mathers tells TMZ that he was indeed rapping live, but there’s a bit of a catch. It turns out Eminem was using a vocal backing track underneath his voice.
So while he wasn’t lip-syncing, it was definitely close. The rep says it’s part of the performance though, adding, “He just likes this sound and if you listen to his albums they are done the same way.”
Take a look at the performances below and decide for yourself: