erika christensen talks scientology gi Erika Christensen talks Scientology: 'We don't worship rabbits'Appearing on a web show, Erika Christensen opened up about Scientology and its role in her life. The show, “Across the Board,” is hosted by her “Parenthood” costar Joy Bryant.

While director Paul Haggis, a former member of the church. makes no bones about his belief that Scientology is a cult, Chistensen sees things a different way, calling it a huge part of her life and saying, “it’s an applied philosophy, but it’s also understanding the way life works.” She compared the religion to, “learning the rules of the game,” and said it helps her to do everything better.

When asked about the biggest misconceptions people have about Scientology, the actress says that they’re not a mysterious, closed group, nor are they a Hollywood-only religion. She also jokes that Scientologists don’t, “worship rabbits.”

Christensen is a lifelong Scientologist, whose parents joined the church in their 20s. She says while Scientology will work with every religion, some people take a class and it’s just not for them.