evan-rachel-wood-GQ.jpgEvan Rachel Wood, whose most recent project is George Clooney‘s political thriller “The Ides of March,” talks to GQ about her break-up with Marilyn Manson, her coming out as bisexual and whether or not she’s attracted to co-star Marisa Tomei.

GQ: You broke off your engagement to Manson in August of 2010, and then earlier this year you came out as a bisexual. Was that a one-girl thing?

Evan Rachel Wood: “No, that’s for real. I’ve been that way since I can remember. I remember growing up and loving when I knew there was a girl like me who I looked up to. I figured I should return the favor. You don’t have to be ashamed.”

GQ: You’ve made two movies with Marisa Tomei. Is she your type?

Evan Rachel Wood: [laughs] “Um, I mean, she’s beautiful. I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

GQ: On paper, your character in Ides reads like–pardon the term–a skank. She sleeps with multiple guys in a matter of weeks. But on-screen you never feel that way about her.

Evan Rachel Wood: “I don’t think she’s actually ashamed of what she did. It’s strange: The one thing that could take down any politician is sleeping with the intern. But it has nothing to do with being a good politician.”

GQ: Anthony Weiner helped make this film very timely.

Evan Rachel Wood: “The secret lives of politicians are always shady. People need to accept the fact that their leaders aren’t perfect. No one is.”

“The Ides of March” is currently playing nationwide.