chris masters mordetzky ex wwe star saves mom from fire wwe Ex WWE star Chris Masters saves mom from fire started by neighbor

A former WWE wrestler was a real life hero Tuesday, when he saved his mother from a burning house. TMZ reports Chris Mordetzky, who wrestled as “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, received a call from an uncle, who claimed a neighbor had barricaded himself inside the mother’s home.
Chris rushed to the scene, and when he arrived, he says the man shouted through the door that if anyone tried to get into the house, he would set fire to it. Mordetzky called the police, but when they arrived the man lit the fire.
At that point, Chris jumped into action. He pulled a tree out of the ground, and threw it through a window. He then reached inside the burning home, pulling his mom out. Police then rushed in, arresting the neighbor on charges of arson. The man is reportedly still in custody. Mordetzky last wrestled for WWE in 2011.