family guy brian not dead 'Family Guy': Brian already returning from the dead?

“Family Guy” fans were shocked and saddened when Brian Griffin (Seth MacFarlane), the family dog, died on the November 24 episode of the show. It seems like they’ve all been played though, and Brian’s death won’t even last a month.
It looks like he’ll be back in time for the December 15 Christmas episode, according to EW. The episode’s logline reads, “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas,” while Brian is listed among the characters appearing. How that actually plays into Brian’s return is anyone’s guess.
If that’s not enough proof, Maya Rudolph is also guesting on the show as an avid jogger that Brian becomes infatuated with for an episode. That’s hard to pull off if he’d dead and buried. Perhaps this will all result in zombie Brian, trying to pick up some of that valuable “The Walking Dead” audience.