famke janssen creepy book lonely doll Famke Janssen's creepy book burglary may not have happened

Remember that super creepy break-in that was reported by “X-Men” star Famke Janssen? In August she filed a police report for a home invasion, but nothing was taken. Instead, something was left behind, a scary-looking book called “The Lonely Doll.” Well, according to the New York Post, cops now believe there was no break-in.
As a matter of fact, a source tells the newspaper that authorities think the book was Famke’s all along. In the pages of “The Lonely Doll,” they reportedly found sheets of paper listing errands, with at least one sheet containing Janssen’s name. “The book has some connection to her home,” the source says.
Investigators were not able to find evidence of a break-in, after spending a month looking over video surveillance. Famke isn’t expected to face any charges for filing a false report over the ordeal, as the source notes she really believes there was a home invasion. This sounds like a case for Wolverine.