floyd mayweather tito ortiz Floyd Mayweather takes title from Victor Ortiz, along with a kiss and a hugVictor Ortiz gave a lot on Saturday (Sept. 17) night defending his World Boxing Council welterweight title, including a head butt, a kiss and a hug to his opponent. Still Floyd Mayweather Jr. won the bout in the fourth round after soundly dominating the other three. And at least everyone’s going home with both their ears.

All the real action went down in Round 4 when Ortiz gave what appeared to be an against-the-rules head butt to Mayweather. A point was taken from him and the two fighters were ordered to break.

“I took the break by the referee and I obeyed exactly as I was told,” Ortiz told reporters afterward. “And then, boom, he blindsided me.”

During said break, Ortiz approached Mayweather and apologized, giving his opponent an apology hug and kiss on the cheek. The apology may have been accepted but moments later, Mayweather ended the fight with a left followed by a quick right, resulting in Ortiz going down for the count.

“He did something dirty when it was his corner who said I was dirty,” Mayweather says. “But I won the fight.”