best lines may 5 11 'Game of Thrones', 'New Girl' and more of TV's best lines from the week of May 5   11

Some TV shows are coming to a close for a season, while others are hitting their stride. That means more and more great dialogue on the air. From “Game of Thrones” to “Agents of SHIELD” and “New Girl,” here are a collection of the best lines from the week of May 5 – 11.
‘Orphan Black’
Alison, asking about her musical’s opening night: “I don’t even remember the curtain going up. Was I terrible?”
Felix, knowing she passed out drunk and fell off the stage: “People got their money’s worth.”
‘New Girl’
Coach: “I take dumps standing up. I’m a man!”
Captain Jan: “Friendship is the most crucial ingredient to any sea adventure! Second only to buoyancy … Because the ship has to float.”
Crowley: “No one in the history of torture’s been tortured with the torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with.”
Dean, to Castiel about how he’s too trusting: “I think everybody’s lying … it’s a gift.”
’19 Kids & Counting’
Jana Duggar, about Jill’s first date trip to Nepal: “Even for a Duggar, this is pretty weird.”
‘Person of Interest’
Greer, to Finch: “Children can be so disappointing.”
Shaw: We’ll chat about how I’m going to kill her.
Root: Use your words.
Brandt: “You’re supposed to lock up the criminals, not create them.”
‘Agents of SHIELD’
Garrett, to Ward: “Don’t trust anybody ever — especially me.”
Coulson: “We’re –“
Fitz: “Vigilantes.”
Coulson: “I was going to say because we’re doing this because it’s the right thing, but … yeah.”
Skye: “Wish I knew how to use that hate-fu.”
Garrett, before getting a shave: “OK Ernesto, let’s show ’em what handsome really looks like.”
‘The Voice’
Adam Levine on Kat Perkins: “Bottom 3, my a**. Vote for this girl, she is incredible.”
‘Bates Motel’
Norma, to Dylan: “You’re here now and you’re a beautiful that someone like you could come out of all of that, and I wouldn’t give you up for anything.”
Norman: “How can you ask me to live with this?”
Norma: “Because I will die if you leave.”
Abigail, to Anna: “Protect my boy in Setauket, and I’ll do your laundry in New York.”
‘The Big Bang Theory’
Leonard: “How can you be sad when you’re going home with all five-foot-six of this?”
Penny: “You think you’re 5’6, that’s funny.”
Emily: “If I saw you out with another woman, I’d be pretty upset.”
Raj: “Thank you. Not just for being upset, but for believing that could happen.” 
‘Game of Thrones’
Cersei of Joffrey: “You never love anything in the world the way you love our first child. It doesn’t matter what they do. And what he did shocked me.”
Tywin, to Cersei: “I didn’t like your husband. Used to pat me on the back a lot. I didn’t trust him.”
Arya: “No one’s gonna kill me.”
Jon, to Ghost: “I missed you, boy.”