urx unit loader 'Good Vibes'' Adam Brody takes over the MTV Twitter
adam brody good vibes 'Good Vibes'' Adam Brody takes over the MTV TwitterDespite what some posers may have you believe, “The O.C.’s” Adam Brody does not have a Twitter of his own — but next Thursday (Dec. 15) Brody is taking over the Twittersphere when he hijacks the MTV account to live-tweet along with his new animated series, “Good Vibes.”

He’ll be chatting with fans during the 11 p.m. EST airing. On “Good Vibes,” he is the voice of Woodie, a horny teenage beach bum whose wealthy family doesn’t understand his laid-back lifestyle. Of course, even some of the biggest Seth Cohen fans might have trouble recognizing Brody’s voice on the series.

“There’s a little Spicoli in there, there’s a lot of Barney the Dinosaur,
maybe a little bit of Garth from ‘Wayne’s World,'” Brody told us, describing the voice. “But closest in tone
is definitely Barney the Dinosaur, if Barney the Dinosaur was a horny
skinny teenager.”

Make sure you’re following @MTV for some of Brody’s signature self-deprecating wit. We won’t miss it.