Google has released a video from the point of view of people wearing their glasses. “Project Glass” is a device that you wear, like glasses, that is connected to the internet. They are voice-activated, allowing the user to search the web, find directions, take photos, record videos, and more.
The “glass” is in the upper right corner of your right eye, and works as a small screen that displays information. They seem to bridge the offline and online world, creating a constant connection to the web. 
In the past, Google had supplied the glasses to a number of developers, but the company is now opening up the testing process, allowing people to apply for a pair. However, in reading the fine print, those selected to be part of the testing program have to purchase the glasses, which have a price tag of $1,500 a pair. A selected user must also personally pick them up from New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.
That’s a lot of work to ask your glasses for directions to the grocery store.