bruno heller gotham the joker tca 2014 fox 'Gotham' EP Bruno Heller clears up that Joker rumor

It turns out that rumor about The Joker being teased in every single episode of “Gotham” wasn’t true. In speaking to reporters at the 2014 summer TV press tour, executive producer Bruno Heller cleared the air.
“We will be playing with not just The Joker, but half the fun is who is going to turn into what and when,” he says. “Certainly, The Joker is a good example. In the pilot, you’ll see there’s a comedian there and people immediately leap … and that’s really letting the audience do our work for us, because we haven’t said anything about that guy and people go there.”
While Heller says there will definitely be teases for the character, it’s going to take some time. “We’ll play with that down the line,” he explains. “Over the course of one season? No, because people will soon get tired of that.” Instead of trying to fit a Joker tease into every episode, Heller instead says the first season will heavily focus on the rise of The Penguin to power.
“Gotham” premieres Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.