beyonce hair flairs Hair flairs: Do we seriously think Oprah would ever wear these?Leave it to Oprah Winfrey to use a “Where are they now?” show to set off a fashion trend.

Friday (Jan. 28), Oprah revisited some of the most memorable couples who have appeared on her show over the years, including Trina Marr whose husband Trevor was obsessed back in 2004 with the fact that she had gained weight.

While happy that Trina walked off the stage back then, dumped the husband and then dumped the weight (thanks to Roller Derby), Oprah was a bit distracted by the sparkly pieces of tinsel in Trina’s hair. Oprah said she wanted some for herself and Trina replied that she could help her out because she just so happens that she owns the company — Hair Flairs — that produces them.

A double high-five followed.

Let’s hope Oprah was just being nice because nothing says “stripper” like sparkly hair highlights (we don’t care if Beyonce wears them). OK, that’s not true. She could opt for the Hair Crystalz instead.