dax shepard birthday punkd Happy birthday Dax Shepard: Watch the 'Parenthood' star's 'Punk'd' beginnings

These days everyone knows Dax Shepard as one of the stars of “Parenthood” and being half of Hollywood’s most adorable couple, along with his wife Kristen Bell. What many might not remember is that he got his start in show business by working with Ashton Kutcher to prank celebrities on “Punk’d.”
Shepard turns 38 on Thursday (Jan. 2) and to celebrate take a time warp back to the very first episode of “Punk’d” from 2003, which saw him pulling pranks Justin Timberlake and “Malcolm in the Middle” star Frankie Muniz. He actually makes Timberlake cry, which is pretty incredible.
Shepard has come a long way since appearing on the show, but you can never forget your roots. Happy birthday, Dax.