gordon ramsay birthday hells kitchen Happy Birthday Gordon Ramsay: Top 5 rants from 'Hell's Kitchen' chef   Watch

“Hell’s Kitchen” maniac Gordon Ramsay is celebrating a birthday Friday (November 8), and whoever is planning his party had better not screw up. Of course, Ramsay is best known for yelling at chefs on “Hell’s Kitchen” and restaurateurs on “Kitchen Nightmares,” creating some of the more interesting insults on TV.
Lately, Ramsay has shown a different side of his personality on “Junior MasterChef,” as he helps little kids expand their culinary skills in a contest to find the best young home cook. While it’s nice to know Gordon has a soft side, the world would be a little lost without him around to call someone a “donkey.”
With that in mind, celebrate Ramsay’s 47th birthday by watching five of his most epic rants below. Be warned, though: The language is extra vulgar, because it’s his way.