casey wilson dad chelsea lately sexy wedding dress 'Happy Endings' Casey Wilson: My dad wants me to wear a sexy wedding dressFormer “Happy Endings” star Casey Wilson stopped by “Chelsea Lately” Tuesday (Oct. 30) to promote her new movie, “Ass Backwards,” and talk about her recent engagement — but the more … exciting? creepy? … news is about Casey’s dad.

“He has requested, ‘Can you wear a sex wedding dress?’ and the answer is, ‘I guess,’ but I would rather that request come from my fiance and not my father,” says Wilson. “He’s always like, ‘You have a sensational figure’ and he wants me to get it out to the people.”

She also shares a story about him rolling a bridesmaid up in a rug at her friend’s wedding and then adds, “My father has an above-ground hot tub that he doesn’t call a hot tub, he calls it a ‘talk tub.'”

“He’s a handful,” Casey deadpans.

As for her recent engagement to “Happy Endings” creator David Caspe, Wilson says she knew the proposal was coming – and it sounds like she pulled off a move her “Happy Endings” character Penny would be proud of.

“It was supposed to be a surprise, but I arrived in full hair and makeup,” says Wilson. Hee.

Look for Wilson in “Ass Backwards,” a movie about girls heading back to their hometown in quest of a pageant title they never won growing up. Wilson and her comedy partner June Diane Raphael wrote and produced it, which opens nationwide Nov. 8.