harry styles twerking miley cyrus inappropriate Harry Styles says twerking is 'inappropriate' and promotes 'promiscuity'

One Direction member Harry Styles isn’t a fan of the twerking dance craze that Miley Cyrus refuses to let die. While promoting the new 3D concert movie “One Direction: This is Us,” Styles gets somewhat serious during a couple questions from fans, telling an interviewer how he really feels about twerking.
“I think it’s quite inappropriate,” he says to Moviefone. Harry adds, “Especially for the age groups it’s aimed at.” Styles again falls back on the dance when asked if the group worries about their young fans. “When they’re twerking,” he says, “I think it’s, you know, promoting promiscuity.”
Still, Harry knows how to have his fun, even if it involves a little bit of twerking on his part. He had no problem busting out the move during the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Still, his wasn’t quite as graphic as Miley’s.