heidi fleiss marijuana pot plants charged Heidi Fleiss charged with possession of 392 pot plants

Heidi Fleiss has gotten herself in some legal trouble, and it all has to do with a whole bunch of marijuana found at her house. Police arrived at Fleiss’s Parhump, Nev. home looking for someone else entirely when they found her weed farm, which included 392 supposed plants, TMZ reports.
Heidi cooperated with police, explaining that she grows the plants for a Las Vegas cooperative. However, Fleiss isn’t licensed to do such a thing, making it illegal. She was charged with several crimes, which include possession with the intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a home where drugs are sold.
Though the plants were taken as evidence, Fleiss was not arrested. Police note that Heidi has several exotic birds that need to be care for, plus she allowed police to search her property without a warrant.