helen hunt ride direct produce star write gi Helen Hunt to direct, star in and produce her script 'Ride'

One woman really can do it all. That woman is Helen Hunt. She has written a script for a movie called “Ride,” which she will direct, produce and star in. Hunt has been working on making the movie a reality for two years, Deadline reports, but only recently got the funding and cast together.
Joining Helen in the movie are Luke Wilson, David Zayas, Mike White, Richard Kind, Leonor Varela, Elizabeth Jayne and Brenton Thwaites
Hunt plays the mother of Thwaites’ character, who ditches school in New York to try surfing in California for the summer. His mom, a magazine editor, follows him and meets a surf instructor (Wilson) along the way.
This is Hunt’s first screenplay and second time directing a feature, after 2007’s “Then She Found Me,” which she also starred in. Filming on “Ride” begins August 5.