helen mirren russell brand getty Helen Mirren on 'Ellen': Russell Brand's bathtub fantasy fulfilled, 'jealous' of Katy PerryDame Helen Mirren drops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday (Dec. 8), where she talks about comedian/actor Russell Brand‘s crush on her — which is especially apropos because his wife Katy Perry is the other guest. Katy tells Helen to “step off” her man, after Helen’s rather provocative interview:

]]>Ellen: Katy Perry is here and Russell is in “The Tempest.” You’re shooting Arthur [with him].
Helen: Yeah, we just finished it.
Ellen: You finished it?
Helen: Yeah.
Ellen: That’s going to be great. I can’t wait to see it. How is it with Russell Brand and you? He just sent me an email to say hello to you.
Helen: Yeah, he would.
Ellen: He said some other things. I’ll tell you off camera.
Helen: I’m sure he did.
Ellen: He said you were very sexy.
Helen: He’s just the best bad boy in the world. I’m just very jealous of Katy being married to him, I must say. She’s a lovely girl…He’s great. And later, they address the photo Russell tweeted of himself in a bathtub with Helen leaning over him (below). Helen: It was me sort of fulfilling a fantasy because he always did a bit in his comedy show about his fantasy of me giving him a bath. And this is before we did the movie.
Ellen: Really?
Helen: Yeah, apparently. I never saw it. His stand up show. And there we were. Playing a scene where he is in a bath and I was playing his nanny walking around so I said, “Why don’t we recreate your fantasy, Russell?” That Helen Mirren. Saucy.

russell brand helen mirren bathtub Helen Mirren on 'Ellen': Russell Brand's bathtub fantasy fulfilled, 'jealous' of Katy Perry