GQ-kate-mara-house-of-cards.jpg“House of Cards” is returning for Netflix for Season 2 in just a few short hours and what better way to celebrate than with a sexy photo spread and lively interview with star Kate Mara in GQ?

On Season 2 of “HoC”:
“[Creator] Beau Willimon has a very big imagination. And he and our writing staff, I think they really pulled through this season. Because it’s hard to top all the things that happened last season. Last year, before Season 1 came out, I had seen all the episodes; this year I haven’t, so I’m just as excited to watch it like anyone else. Still, I think it’s just as surprising and addictive. Hopefully, we’ll see.”

On her research for the role of journalist Zoe Barnes:
“Being a journalist wasn’t the most important thing for me. That was just her job — it could be anything. The most important aspect of Zoe that I felt I needed to understand and wrap my head around was her crazy drive and ambition. Sitting around with Beau and [director David] Fincher and Kevin [Space], just setting the backstories — that’s where I got all of my information.”

On putting other projects aside to shoot “HoC”:
“I’m sure Kevin has to, because he’s in almost every scene. But for everyone else, it’s very different. I don’t shoot every day. I actually shot ‘Transcendence’ while I was shooting ‘House of Cards.’ So I wasn’t even in Baltimore the whole time. I was in New Mexico.”

Read the full interview with Mara here. “House of Cards” Season is available starting Friday, Feb. 14 at midnight PT on Netflix.