If Don Cheadle’s appearance on “Chelsea Lately” is any indication, there’s quite a bit of fun and silliness going on at the “House of Lies” set.

On a prior episode of “Chelsea,” co-star Kristen Bell told Handler that Cheadle got her high during shooting once. He set the record straight with Handler on Thursday (April 3).

“We were doing a scene — we were supposed to be walking down the street in L.A. and we were supposed to be getting someone high so that we could mess with his head and try to steal some business from him,” Cheadle tells Handler. However, included with the fake joints used on camera was a real one, though he doesn’t say who supplied it.

Before the real marijuana was used, it was cleared by everyone in the scene. Even Bell agreed, though it sounds like she may not have realized they were serious about it being legitimate pot. According to Cheadle, filming ended with Bell crouched over, saying, “It was real guys, it was real.” They tried to warn her.
It definitely sounds like they have a good time making that show.