howard gordon inside men gi Howard Gordon adapting BBC's 'Inside Men' with Richard Price

In case you feel the need for more TV shows from Howard Gordon, there’s another one in the works. The executive producer of “24,” “Homeland” and “Tyrant” is working with writer Richard Price on an adaptation of BBC crime drama “Inside Men.”
According to THR, the two have signed with Fox 21 to work together on the series, which focuses on a single bank robbery from many different points of view. The original series only only ran four hours, though Fox 21 president Bert Salke says, “This is hopefully something that will turn into 50 hours.” 
While the scale of the show would need to grow to fit a longer run, Salke says, “It’s the same themes about how we find our voice in life, how we can rise above what the working man does to make his mark.”
The goal is to have the show ready to shop to premium and basic cable networks by the end of the year. Currently, Price is working on the pilot script, the first draft of which was written by original series creator Tony Basgallop. Together they will also write the show’s bible before meeting with networks.