caesar flickerman stanley tucci hunger games catching fire facebook 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire': Caesar Flickerman graces 2nd portrait

The Capitol is on a roll, releasing a second character portrait from the upcoming “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” The latest picture is of Stanley Tucci’s character, Caesar Flickerman. Caesar acts as a host for the annual “Hunger Games,” and is known for his outrageous hair color, and flashy clothing.
The reveal of Caesar highlights another change in character design, like with the Effie Trinket portrait. His blue hair is gone, replaced by a toned down red color. His extravagant blue and black suit has been changed as well, making way for a black and gold outfit that looks far more regal.
It seems more portraits will be released in the coming days. The Capitol Couture, a Tumblr site dealing with fashion in the franchise’s universe, features a ticking clock, counting down until the release of the next portrait. The Flickerman portrait was released exclusively on Fandango’s Facebook page.
“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is releasing November 22.