To kick off 2014 Fleet Week in New York City, Jimmy Fallon and “Law & Order: SVU” star and former Army Ranger Ice-T took part in a random object shoot-out on “The Tonight Show.”

If you’re unfamiliar with how Fallon’s random object shoot-outs work, two teams face off shooting random objects into basketball hoops — and it’s always ridiculous (and hard) objects. The Friday (May 23) items were things like bouncey balls, a milkshake, a mannequin head, a giant rubber duck, an open bag of charcoal and a super soaker (which is the two-point money ball).

The bowl full of bouncey balls is rather spectacular, as it scatters bouncey balls all over the studio. Then Ice-T’s team takes a one-point lead when their Coast Guard representative manages to bank the chocolate milkshake through the hoop and that is the only object to make it through.