dallas cowboys helmet gi Jack Eskridge dies: Dallas Cowboys' 'Star' logo designer was 89

Jack Eskridge may not be a star player, but he left a mark on the NFL that can be rivaled by few. Eskridge designed the iconic Dallas Cowboys “Star” emblem, representing the Lone Star State, that has been the team’s identity since their inception. CNN reports he died Monday, near his home in Kansas City, at 89-years-old.
While Eskridge wasn’t a football player, he was a professional basketball player. He played with two teams, the Chicago Stags, and the Indianapolis Jets, before joining the University of Kansas as assistant coach. While there, he helped recruit future basketball great Wilt Chamberlain.
Eskridge was hired by famed Cowboys coach Tom Landry, serving as the team’s equipment manager. He later designed the famous blue star, with a white border outline, before the team debuted in 1960. That logo has endured today, and has become as synonymous with football, as it has the team.