johnny knoxville drugged jackass 'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville drugged at frat house and liked it

If there’s anything Johnny Knoxville is known for, it’s making bad decisions. The “Jackass” star has been through all kinds of torment for the MTV show and the movies that followed, cheating death at every turn. That’s why it wasn’t exactly surprising when TMZ caught up with him and his hand was heavily bandaged.
When the photographer asks what happens, things get interesting. Johnny says he was at a frat house to shoot a promo for the next “Jackass” movie, “Bad Grandpa,” when someone slipped ecstasy into his beer. “After that the wheels fell off,” he says. “I wasn’t mad at all. I hadn’t done it since my 20s and I was like, ‘This is awesome.'”
As for the injury, Knoxville says he ruptured a tendon in his hand, but plays dumb about how it actually happened. Maybe he really doesn’t remember.