jerry seinfeld seinfeld cast where are they now Jerry Seinfeld on what 'Seinfeld' characters are up to now

This is what “Seinfeld” fans have been waiting over 15 years for. Jerry Seinfeld is opening up his imagination to wonder where, exactly, the beloved characters of his show would be. The answer is a little boring, but perhaps that’s how “Seinfeld,” the show about nothing, really should end up.
“I imagine there’ll be some kids. Some divorces. Social situations, is what I’d imagine for the four of them,” he tells THR. He has a more expanded idea about one character in particular, adding, “George would probably have a wife and kids — very normal, suburban. And he would be tortured.”
Sounds about like how Jason Alexander’s character would end up. No word on how they got out of jail after the bizarre series finale that saw them all imprisoned, though.