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Christina Torre, the 44-year-old daughter of legendary baseball player and manager Joe Torre, must have inherited some of her father’s skills — and was in the right place to save a baby’s life Wednesday (June 19).

Torre was in a cupcake shop in Brooklyn when a man ran in, asking someone to call 911, she tells NBC 4. Outside, a 1-year-old was dangling from a fire escape. Torre positioned herself where she thought the infant might fall.

“All of a sudden it slipped, and it was dangling and holding on with its hands,” says Torre. “I was still talking to 911 and I just put out my arms, and literally, it was effortless. It was meant to be. He landed in my arms.”

Her father tells NBC 4 that he “got goosebumps” when his daughter told him what had happened.

“The kids are our future and when you get a situation where the good Lord puts you in a position where you’re there, and a child’s life is in your hands, literally, it feels good to me,” says the elder Torre. “I know it did to her.”

Christina says she’s not a hero, she was just doing what comes naturally.

“It just came naturally as a
teacher, to protect a child that was in danger. I work with
kids every day, and I love them and I want to see them safe,” says Torre.

Police say the child is in stable condition and the children’s parents have been charged with reckless endangerment and acting in a manner injurious to a child, as they fell asleep when the little boy wandered over to the window.

Family pastor Wally Davis tells NBC 4 that bars have been installed on the family’s windows already.