joss whedon 100 million avangers 2 gi Joss Whedon's $100M 'Avengers 2' check not real: 'I'm not making Downey money'

After a rumor took the internet by storm, claiming Joss Whedon would make a cool $100 million for directing “Marvel’s The Avengers 2,” he used his own website to set people straight. “I was going to let it slide,” he writes, “but I’ve got this sour taste in my mouth.”
Whedon admits that he’s going to make a lot to direct the movie, but not nearly as much as has been reported. “I’m not making Downey money,” he says, referring to Robert Downey Jr.’s admitting he made $50 million on the first “Avengers.” Joss also took the time to shoot down few other rumors about him floating around the internet.
– That he throws wild Hollywood parties where everyone is naked and dancing and wild and he remembers to serve enough snacks.
– That he can get a movie greenlit by sighing and staring into the middle distance.
– That he ate a unicorn and made it winter for three years.
– That he “can write.”
At this point it’s not even clear that Downey will be making “Downey money.” The actor, currently starring in “Iron Man 3,” has said he’s no longer under a Marvel contract and notes the future is “uncertain.” 

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