As we count down to the 2014 Emmy Awards, Zap2it
is taking a closer look at each of the lead acting nominees for comedy
and drama — and judging them not by their best work, but by some of the
more dubious credits on their IMDB pages. So we ask you: Based on what
you’re about to see, would you give this person an Emmy?

Long before she won an Emmy for “The Good Wife” — but after she won an Emmy for “ER” — Julianna Margulies was donning some period clothing as Morgaine in the Medieval miniseries “The Mists of Avalon.” Watch her in the above video.

We hesitate to call this a “dubious credit.” “Mists of Avalon” actually earned some Emmy nominations — Outstanding Miniseries and Supporting Actress in a Miniseries for both Anjelica Huston and Joan Allen. Quite the pedigree.

However, it was the best we could do. We just could not scrounge up any footage of Margulies’ pre-“ER” roles, like a guest spot on “Law & Order” or “Murder, She Wrote.” Or (and this is the best one) as a prostitute in Steven Seagal’s “Out for Justice.” Alas.

But vote below — would you give this woman an Emmy?