jimmy kimmel julie bowen race Julie Bowen loses a footrace and her Twitter account to Jimmy KimmelIf Julie Bowen doesn’t quite sound like herself on Twitter Wednesday (Jan. 23), it’s because she’s not.

The “Modern Family” star lost a bet on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday night, giving Kimmel control of her Twitter feed for 24 hours. Host Jimmy Kimmel challenged her to a race around the theater where “JKL” films, with the winner getting to take over the loser’s Twitter. Bowen is a runner, while Kimmel claims he only walks on the treadmill in his office.

So the smart money would be on Bowen, right? That’s not how it played out, though — Kimmel led from the start and won with ease, so now he’s tweeting things like “Pizza is for fatties. #tweetingnoteating” and “Am I the most talented actor on Modern Family? In a word, yes. But everyone is great” on @itsjuliebowen.

Bowen managed to get one message of her own in late Wednesday morning: “I snuck out of the closet @jimmykimmel has locked me in to say sorry. Really. Sorry.”

Bowen and Kimmel make their bet in the first clip below, and the race is in the second one.