steven spielberg robopocalypse Jurassic Park 4: Steven Spielberg to produce 3D sequel coming out on June 13, 2014Universal Pictures announced Friday that dinosaurs will be unleashed on the world once again, when “Jurassic Park 4” comes to theaters June 13, 2014. Deadline reports Steven Spielberg will make his return to the franchise as producer, after directing the first two installments.

The film, to be shot in 3D, will be the first film in the JP franchise since “Jurassic Park 3” was released in 2001. To get fans ready, the original “Jurassic Park” will be re-released in theaters with a 3D conversion on April 5 to mark it’s 20th anniversary.

Spielberg, whose latest film “Lincoln” is nominated for 12 Academy Awards, was expected to direct “Robopocalypse” next, before putting that project on hold this week. A director is not attached to “Jurassic Park 4” yet, and there is no work on who will be writing the script.