justin bieber all that matters video Justin Bieber dances on Great Wall of China in 'All That Matters' video   Watch

If you remember Justin Bieber getting carried up the steps of the Great Wall of China, that has finally been explained. Bieber’s got a new song called “All That Matters” and the video has landed online.
In the video, Bieber dances around China, including on the Great Wall. He’s also hanging out in an alley with his buddies. An innocent bystander also seems to get wrapped up in the as Justin dances up next to a stranger who seems like she wants nothing more than to get away.
It’s actually a pretty laid back video for Justin. Outside of the dancing, he’s interacting with fans and generally looks to be having a good time doing something that’s not overly rehearsed. “All That Matters” is the second track Bieber has released released as part of his “Music Mondays,” which will see him put out a new song weekly.