justin bieber selena gomez tattoo Justin Bieber gets a new tattoo   Is that Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber sure likes his tattoos. The pop singer has been spotted with a few new additions to his collection, including a lion and a koi fish. Those aren’t the ones that are gaining attention, though. 
The singer also got an angel tattooed on his left wrist. That’s not such a big deal, however the general consensus seems to be that the angel resembles a certain on-again/off-again girlfriend. That’s right, Bieber’s new ink looks very similar to a photo of Selena Gomez taken for Elle Magazine. 
If this is Bieber’s way of winning back his lady love, it’s a bold move. It might have worked, though. Bieber’s posted a couple photos of himself and Gomez to Instagram recently. There’s also that report that they were caught kissing in Norway. However, if the relationship doesn’t last, that’s going to be an awkward thing to have on his wrist forever.