What do you get an insanely rich pop star for his 19th birthday? Well, if you’re Justin Bieber’s dad, you get him a motorcycle. Any regular motorcycle is too tame for the likes of Bieber, though. So his dad had one custom made for him, instead. The motorcycle, an MV Agusta sport bike, is covered in Batman logos, as well as personal Bieber-related touches.
For instance, the gas tank reads “35 mil. followers,” in tribute to Bieber’s Twitter account. Some of Justin’s tattoos are also worked into the art, along with a “JB” logo near the seat. “This bike’s what you get when you’re 19, and you’re Justin Bieber,” his dad, Jeremy Bieber, says while standing in front of a skateboard half pipe.
Most MV Agusta bikes average a top speed of over 170 miles per hour, which makes it an odd gift for a dad to give his young son. Hopefully, it comes with a helmet. Jeremy had to “deliver” the gift via YouTube, as Justin is currently celebrating his 19th birthday in London.