jimmy kimmel justin bieber Justin Bieber, Jimmy Kimmel duet   do you have a title suggestion?Late night host Jimmy Kimmel and teen sensation Justin Bieber are teaming up Thursday night (Feb. 10) to perform a duet on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — and they are taking title submissions via Twitter. Oh, this should go well.

ABC’s “JKL” website says: “Get serenaded by Jimmy and Justin Bieber. Come up with a title for an original song and tweet it with the hashtag #kimmelbieberduet. If Jimmy likes your suggestion the best, he and Justin will sing it to you.”

So far suggestions include:

“Hunka Hunka Bieber Love” – 6_15_characters

“What if Bieber Was One of Us?” – KMike92

“Ice, Ice, Bieber” – TheTexasCruz

“Ebony and Ivory” – joebodolai

“Saturday Night Bieber” – ThisisDAM

“Jon Stewart Was Cooler” – xtremetoaster

It seems like this is more an exercise for Bieber-haters than it will be something fun for actual fans to do. Will you be tuning in to see what duet makes it to air?