justin bieber was not kicked out of hotel gi Justin Bieber was not kicked out of Paris hotel rep says

After Justin Bieber left the Hotel Le Meurice in Paris, Monday, a report made the rounds saying he had actually been kicked out. A French TV and radio personality wrote that Bieber was booted from the hotel due to his attitude, as well as the “nuisance caused by the presence of his fans around the building.”
According to Bieber’s rep, that’s not the real story. In a statement to Us Weekly, the rep says Justin made the call to leave the hotel, explaining, “He decided to transfer to the Mandarin Oriental when there wasn’t enough security to control the crowds.” The rep also notes the lack of a parking garage or an underground entrance for the “Beauty and a Beat” singer as reasons for the switch. 
A spokesperson for the hotel backs up Bieber’s story, saying, “This was a decision made by him or his team. We do not turn people away.” Bieber’s trip through Europe has been a strange one, to say the least. In recent weeks he has passed out on stage, leading to him being briefly hospitalized, and attempted to assault a photographer. He’s also been very candid on social media, posting rants aimed at the paparazzi, as well as one that slammed Lindsay Lohan.