karen gillan doctor who time of the dogtor bbc Karen Gillan says 'Doctor Who' cameo was a 'weird sensation'

Fans were surprised when Karen Gillan made a quick return to “Doctor Who” right before Matt Smith regenerated out of the show’s lead role. For Gillan it was a special and “surreal” moment but not necessarily comfortable.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gillan reveals, “It was really weird. It was such a surreal experience.” After all, she wasn’t the companion anymore. “Those were three very important years of my life on that TV show and then to go back and be on someone else’s TARDIS was a really weird sensation. And sort of be on the outside looking in,” she says.
The emotions certainly made her feel everything quite a bit more, as Gillan continues, “Everyone was crying! Everyone! Me and Jenna (Louise Coleman) were hugging.” She was also glad to be there to help her raggedy man say goodbye. “It was just a really interesting experience and important to me that I was there for Matt’s final moments in character,” she finishes.