With “Almost Human” premiering Sunday (November 17), the show’s stars, Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, appeared on Good Day LA Friday.
They both agree that signing onto the show was a no-brainer with J. J. Abrams involved, but Urban, who also stars in the “Star Trek” movies, jokingly reveals he was slighted. “I agreed to do it because he promised me that if I would do it he would call “Star Trek Into Darkness’ ‘Bones Saves the World’,” he says. “I upheld my part of the bargain.” It seems J. J. most definitely did not.
Ealy also discussed his character, an android named Dorian. Those who tune in may see some familiar traits, as he based the character on some interesting names. “I modeled Dorian after Jason Bourne, Robert Patrick’s character in ‘Terminator 2’ and Jeff Bridges in ‘Starman’,” he says, butfore adding with a smile, “And most recently I’m finding a connection with KITT from ‘Knight Rider,’ as well.”
Don’t worry, Dorian is not a talking car, just a robot with a gun.