kate moss topless nude playboy gi Kate Moss posing nude for Playboy's 60th anniversary cover

Is Kate Moss ready to bare all for the cover of Playboy magazine? While Kate is no stranger to stripping down for various things, most recently for a fake tanning product, Playboy would be a big step.
The report comes from Refinery29.com, who claim to have spoken with Kate’s hair stylist, Oribe Canales. Canales says that not only is the Playboy appearance happening, but it’s already been shot. How does Canales know? Naturally, he was at the photo session to take care of the supermodel’s hair.
The cover is reported to be running in January 2014 for Playboy’s 60th anniversary. So far, there’s no word on just how naked 39-year-old Kate will be in the pages of the magazine, but Playboy isn’t exactly known for the clothing women wear in pictorials.