katie couric 911 calls a mystery Katie Couric: 911 mystery calls a prank or malfunctioning phone line?

Talk show host Katie Couric may be the victim of a pretty annoying prank. She’s not the latest in a long line of celebrities being swatted, however calls that resemble that prank are being made to 911 on a phone line registered to her late husband, Jay Monahan, the New York Daily News reports. Couric first addressed the calls during a break while taping her show “Katie” this week.
It seems the calls always come at the exact same time, 2 a.m. on Tuesdays, and all operators ever hear is static. Still, a call to 911 means police have have to respond. It finally got to the point that Couric called the New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to ask for advice on what steps to take. One of the perks of being as well-known as Katie is having access to people like the police commissioner of the biggest city in the United States.
She now awaits the results of an investigation. Officials aren’t sure if the calls are coming from a malfunctioning phone line in her home, or if there is a high-tech prankster behind the whole debacle. In the meantime, Katie continues to lose sleep.