Kelly Clarkson has released her newest video, for her song “People Like Us.” The video starts off in black and white, with a group of doctors, one of which is Kelly, studying a little girl. However, the little girl is completely colorized.
It’s essentially “Pleasantville,” with with a slightly creepier vibe. Shots of Clarkson, in color, singing are cut in with footage of tests on the girl. At a certain point, black and white doctor Clarkson visits the little girl in her cell and wipes the grey makeup from her face, revealing she’s some sort of colorized double agent..
She then helps the little girl escape in a shiny, red BMW in one of the most blatant bits of product placement in a long time. Though they’re chased, the two are able to make it to a full-color world, where they are safe.
“People Like Us” is the third single from Kelly’s “Greatest Hits – Chapter 1” collection. She previously released “Don’t Rush” and “Catch My Breath.”